An Introduction to Tera-WURFL

Posted in Mobile, PHP and Programming on Tuesday, the 11th of March, 2008.

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I recently added a post about Wurfl, a comprehensive open-source XML database of mobile device capabilities. I noted that actually querying Wurfl in a performant manner:

is going to be a non-trivial task, and is perhaps a topic for a further article.

Well, I guess this is that article. It's time to have a look at Tera-WURFL, which is perhaps the most popular tool for querying Wurfl programmatically - from PHP, at least.


Posted by George on Monday, the 27th of April, 2009.

Hi great article

could you please let me know how you got the performance statistics from the script:

Time to load tera_wurfl_class.php:0.0053188800811768
Time to initialize class:0.00048208236694336
Time to find the user agent:0.00093793869018555

Total Queries: 1 (Found in cache)

I am running my own installation and I am trying to make some tuning

Posted by Simon Harris on Wednesday, the 29th of April, 2009.

Hi George -

Those numbers are all generated by the Web interface that ships with Tera-WURFL. As mentioned in the post, I have a copy hosted here.

Posted by Steve Kamerman on Tuesday, the 27th of October, 2009.

Hey guys, you should check out the new Tera-WURFL 2.0 - I released RC4 last night and it's very good! It includes the same logic as the new Java WURFL API (maybe the same as the PHP API as well) but it is almost completely backwards compatible with the previous versions of Tera-WURFL. Check it out on

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