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Posted in Mobile and Programming on Saturday, the 5th of April, 2008.

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A definite highlight of Over the Air 2008 was London-based Yahoo Steve Marshall's introduction to Fire Eagle. For those not in the loop (which, to be fair, is most people: Fire Eagle is currently only open to a limited number of invited developers) Fire Eagle is Yahoo!'s brand new API for location-based services.


Posted by andymurd on Monday, the 23rd of June, 2008.

The Twitter bot @firebot lets you update your FireEagle location via Twitter - or at least it will when Twitter can restore their Jabber service.

I'm waiting for a FireEagle app that will make good use of my location - not send me "location targetted advertising". Not sure what form it will take though.

Posted by Simon Wakeman on Sunday, the 10th of August, 2008.

Our Map My Tracks app ( will run on your mobile phone and update the Fire Eagle service at various frequencies from once per minute.

It'll be really interesting to see how Fire Eagle evolves


Posted by Russell on Friday, the 24th of October, 2008.

Did you see that Fire Eagle now integrates with the new Mozilla (labs) geocode?

The summary of this is that Geode will _automatically_ update your location.

Posted by Jason on Saturday, the 1st of November, 2008.

There is also a windows client that automatically updates your location on fire eagle.

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