1 Jan 2009, 12:51 a.m.

Look Back at 2008

I really hate those "lookback" blog posts that crop up at the end of each year, don't you? Good. That being agreed, here's mine.

I've had the Pointbeing.net domain since longer than I remember, but it was only in the first months of 2008 that I started to do anything with it.

I'm pleased that I did: the site is averaging 8,000+ page impressions a month, but only because people don't know how to create an auto increment column in Postgres. It's a shame that the Postgres community hates me for mentioning that.

Other things have happened here too.

My proudest moments of the year included being published twice. Subsequently I was honoured that the magnificent Steph invited me to become a Technical Editor at php|architect. 2009 promises to be a really interesting year for the magazine, so stay tuned.

My most ambitious moments of the year involved starting my degree in Semi-Advanced Boffinry, and becoming a blogger at Fifteensquared.

Fluffiest moment of the year was adopting my cats back in January.

Relatedly, the low point of the year was losing my princess despite countless sleepless nights and the best attentions of the wonderful Brockwell Vets. I loved her, she rocked, and she was so much cooler than you :P. I miss her.

Missed opportunity of the year was not submitting my proposal to speak at PHPNW despite the general encouragement of the community. Muppet.

How about you?

Posted by Simon at 01:53:00 PM