Further Adventures as a Student: MST121, MS221 and M255

Posted in Maths and Open University on Monday, the 23rd of March, 2009.

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Back in September of last year, I started studying part-time, for a BSc in Maths, with some computing thrown in. It's now six months since I made that first post, and this is a really, really busy phase of the degree course, so I thought it might be time for an update.


Posted by Keith on Tuesday, the 14th of April, 2009.

Hi, great to see someone doing the same courses as me.

I started MST121 and MS221 at the same time as you and plan to do M255 in October, followed by M208 in January.

I've no idea how you're juggling MST121, MS221 and M255 at the same time - the two maths courses are consuming ALL my free time as it is, having come from a background of a maths O level in 1986 and nothing since...

So, fair play to you...

Have to agree about the calculus in block C of MST121 - I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to understand it and complete the TMA. The course materials were far from clear to me - I prefer the MS221 approach of defining clearly and quickly then getting on with it, even though the first MS221 TMA was a little "abstract".

Section D of MST121 is proving to be my nemesis - it's easy but so dry I really am struggling to finish it - 3 CMA questions left to go.

On a week's break at the mo, so also hoping to finish MST121's final TMA (and maybe CMA) so I can concentrate on MS221.

Worried about the exam even though we can use the handbook - I understand stuff pretty quickly but need some nootropics to improve memory, that's for sure.

Anyway, enough rambling, I'm just about to watch a Stanford Uni tutorial on java programming to see if I do really want to do M255. Downloaded Eclipse and the latest Java software from Sun but have never programmed in any language before - the concept is entirely alien.

Managed to get the computer to write "Hello" and that's about it.

Suppose I should use BlueJ rather than Eclipse, but the tutorials I've found use Eclipse so I'll have to learn the basics, then swop editors/compilers early on.

Will pop by regularly to check this blog.

Nice one.

Posted by Stan on Friday, the 10th of December, 2010.

very interesting discussion - I'm trying to decide whether to commit to
MST 121 - got a few days left to decide

Posted by Graham on Tuesday, the 17th of January, 2012.

Hi there, I complete ms221 last year after a second re-sit of the exam, which I only passed through subsitution!. (average tma mark was 75%) My past experience of maths stopped with a CSE1 in 1981. Both 121 and 221 are just as you describe regarding themetics, however as long as you put the time into the tma's there very doable - the forum was a fantastic help. Exams,,practice these as much as you can. Get the past papers and hammer your way through them, not forgetting to annotate your handbook (according to whats allowed in guidelines). Repeat last bit of advice ad nauseum. Personally, proof and induction was beyond me (D4 221) and i'm still going through the booklets tackling some of the solutions for enlightenment,,but it ain't working still. Best of luck, Grey

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