The End of a Successful Week in California

Posted on Sunday, the 1st of March, 2009.

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Last night, my colleague/manager and I returned from a week at PlayPhone's head office in sunny San José, California. I figured I should try to put together a bit of a writeup whilst it's all still fresh in my mind, but I'm still somewhat running on Pacific Time so this will probably be a bit garbled.


Posted by Jeremy Quinton on Sunday, the 1st of March, 2009.

That's really good news. I'm looking forward to getting stuck in on the project and using Scrum for the methodology.

Posted by Ciaran McNulty on Monday, the 2nd of March, 2009.

It'd be interesting to hear in a few months how the Scrum method works out for you - a lot of what I've read seems to put emphasis on daily stand-up meetings etc. so it would be good to see how that works in a distributed manner (even if it's a case of just splitting into mini-scrums in each country).

Posted by Simon Harris on Thursday, the 19th of March, 2009.

That's pretty much it, Ciaran. Scrum recommends discrete teams of 6 or 7 people (which is exactly the size of the London PHP team). The plan then is that you have a scrum-of-scrums at pre-defined intervals, whereby the "scrum masters" all get together and talk about what their chaps have been up to.

Reactions so far seem to be very positive, with a few reservations. I'd like to put together a further post on this topic in due course.

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