Study Update: MST121, MS221 and M255 End, M263 Begins

Posted in Maths and Open University on Tuesday, the 27th of October, 2009.

It's now a year since I started studying again, part-time, towards a BSc. I last updated the public about six months ago, so here's the latest for those very few readers that may be interested!


Posted by Peter McDonald on Tuesday, the 24th of November, 2009.

I am currently doing a couple of course myself at the moment (M150 and T175)

Plan on possibly doing M255 next year.

Posted by Corinna on Sunday, the 7th of February, 2010.

Peter, it's very useful to hear your opinion about MST121 and MS221. I am considering going back to part-time studying as well, would like to hear your experiences on a few points. Firstly, can you comment on how the estimated hours per week of coursework matched the hours that you actually spent on the course? Secondly, I have just missed the MST121 enrollment for this year and was considering to work through the course myself. How are youu getting on with doing courses yourself? Any suggestions where I can purchase the course material for MST121 and MS 221, they don't have it on OU worldwide.
Any comments are greatly appreciated.
Thanks. Corinna

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